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All International students who are going for a graduate level or postgraduate level course are allowed to do part time job along with their studies from day one. This is clearly mentioned in your VISA Stamp .As per the present rule, all students can work for 20 hrs/week during their term period and 40hrs/week(full time) during vacations .This Might help offset the living costs of the students.
Admissions will not be guaranteed by us. But if your qualifications are suited for the course you are applying for, we do not foresee you having a problem in getting an admission. Guidance for course selection according to personal want and eligibility will be given to you by our experienced counselors in the office. However the final choice of the University and course ,is the students.
Most Universities take 10-15 working days to decide upon whether they can give a conditional/ unconditional offer. The student is intimated as soon as we have the information from the university.
Graduate Overseas represents ONLY universities of reputation and long years of credibility in UK .We are the direct agents to the listed universities here in India. Our website has list of universities that we represent.
Students planning to go abroad for further education will have to show that they have sufficient funds to take care of their educational costs as well as living costs for the duration of their stay. For example :if students take bank loan for their entire fee, then they will have to show their living expenses for a year in their account .This Money needs to be shown in parent’s account, your account or education loan, or it can be a combination of all these.
Your parents can sponsor you. If the funds are in your name that is acceptable too. If the funds are in your parent’s name, then documents has be furnished to prove the relation.
It does not take long. After Submission it takes approximately 15 working days to know the outcome .If all your papers are in order and there are no fraudulent documents submitted, the outcome of your VISA application should be positive. Guidance in putting your VISA documents in order would be given to the students from the expert counselors in the office.
Yes. There is no problem in availing a bank loan .You can take a loan for the living costs too. As far as the banks are RBI regulated, they are accepted by the high commission.
There are many Schemes through which students can apply for scholarship. Many Universities give a bursary on the tuition fees thus reducing the fees by a considerable amount. Funding is also provided for some courses in selected Universities .Scholarships are also available for meritorious students.
Yes. University Accommodation will be arranged for the students before their departure from here. You can either choose to stay in the university campus or can opt to stay in a private apartment on a single/sharing basis . Options will be given to you and you can make he final choice according to the affordability and want.
Graduate Overseas are the official agents of the universities in UK. Hence we are NOT authorized to charge the students any kind of registration/service or counseling charges. Hence the services provided by us is completely free.
Advantages would be that your papers will be send to the university directly from our office to the university. we would know the status of your application process at all times. As soon as a decision is made the university will inform us. Once the application is filled , the student is kept informed about the proceedings.
The first step would be to decide where to apply after a counseling session.
There is no set time for applying .As soon as you have identified the course you want to go for and the university you would like to go to, you can apply. Ideally ,students are encouraged to apply atleast 2 months before the intake date. It is always better to apply early so that your place is ensured. However universities have their deadlines for accepting applications and the counselor would keep you informed, if you are registered with us.
Yes You can apply even whilst you are studying .Infact this is encouraged , because it makes it easier for you to start making your plans well in advance.
The best thing about Graduate Overseas would be that students are guided according to student’s want and affordability .Students are guided professionally from the first day throughout the whole procedure .This would explain why most of our students are referrals of students who have gone through us earlier . Course selection according to academic background and inclination, as well as guidance on applying for scholarships, are some of the important steps that the students are taken through by able counselors in office.
  • Academic Documents( 10th onwards)
  • Resume/ Biodata
  • Reference letters-2
  • Work experience certificate ( If applicable)
  • IELTS/TOEFL( If available)(not mandatory for all universities)