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About Us

It was as a teenager, growing up in scenic Belgaum , that I came across the speech Martin Luther King Jr. unleashed on the American public on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in August 1963, with its refrain, I HAVE A DREAM. The ideals enshrined in that powerful and stirring speech never left me. In 2003, when I founded GRADUATE OVERSEAS, I realized that I too had a dream; that quality education should not just be a privilege of the rich or the elite few but should be accessible to all. That inspiration has never wavered since. Indeed, no dream should ever wither or be allowed to die within us.

Starting from scratch, as it were, from Cochin, I was able to expand operations to Trivandrum and then Bengaluru. The success of the venture, is in no measure, just to tribute to my own dedication and hard work, but also on account of the enthusiasm displayed by thousands of students and parents who thronged my office with their abiding faith in the quality education abroad and in their conviction that such an exposure can dramatically alter the course of their own lives. When Rene Descartes, the French philosopher, coined the expression ” I think, therefore I am”, he perhaps had such aspiring youngsters in mind.

GRADUATE OVERSEAS as an Overseas Education Consultancy is committed to impart their students a global vision and acquainting them with the latest in education trends worldwide. Today we send deserving students to several universities and institutions in Scotland (UK), England (UK),Wales (UK), Australia, Dubai, Singapore and New Zealand.

All through my years on this project I have endeavored to ensure that quality never gets diluted or ethics ever compromised; that the students who repose their faith in me should get the best they possibly can and that from my side no stone should be left unturned. In fact, they should look back with nostalgic fondness on the steps that they now take.

In keeping with the best of traditions, we at GRADUATE OVERSEAS, offer a host of services. For starters, there are over two hundred courses to choose from and with options within options, one can certainly hit on a course just tailor made for him. Remember too, that we are accredited to top notch and ranked universities in the UK. Touch us for anything and we will make it good – whether it has to do with choice of university or course, location, course fees, living expenses, scholarships, part time jobs (full time during vacations), VISA documentation, availability of loans, how to put forth a compelling Statement of Purpose or anything else. We put our knowledge and experience at your command! All these for free! We have been retained directly by the universities concerned and our recompense comes from that quarter. No gifts either, except for an occasional mail, to let us know how you are faring once you are abroad. That would add to our knowledge and equip us better to guide students in the future. We do care. You can query us anytime on anything and believe me, we will guide you well. Come, GET YOURSELF A TREAT!

- Mrs Sheela Matthai